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Buena High School

The Ventura County Office of Education operates two special education classrooms at Buena High School. The site serves students, aged 14-18, with moderate to severe disabilities. Our site uses highly-specialized, research-based school practices to address the needs of students. Using a comprehensive trans-disciplinary planning and service delivery approach, the program specifically addresses the language, communication, behavioral, sensory, and social needs of students. As a learning community, we believe that professional expertise supported by collaboration between teachers, specialists, paraprofessionals, administration, and parents; and professional development leads to a positive student outcomes.

Instruction is based upon the following curricular skills: functional academics, communication, social-emotional/behavioral functioning, and motor skills so our students can maximize their independence in the domains of vocation, community, independent living skills and recreation/leisure activities.  The functional skills curriculum areas are directly linked to the California State Standards. The program uses research-based methodologies including: Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), Visual Strategies (including individual and group schedules), and Movement Opportunities via Education (MOVE), augmentative communications systems, functional behavioral assessment and Positive Behavioral Supports.

Instruction is individualized to meet each student's IEP goals and classes are grouped to provide for the specific needs of the students within each cluster. Learning takes place within the classroom, within the building, in school vocational settings and in the community. Instruction is focused on 21st Century skills and evidence based practices including communication, collaboration, critical thinking, creativity, and college/career/community access and functional academics.

Students have the opportunity to participate in integrated activities with students from the general education campus through the peer tutor / teaching assistant program and other integration as appropriate. Community-based instruction is an essential part of the curriculum. Students participate in recreational activities, life skills activities, and volunteer work sites. The goal of community-based instruction is to provide experiences for students to generalize the skills they have learned within the classroom to natural environments.

Each student is taught by an interdisciplinary team comprised of the classroom teacher, paraeducators, school psychologist, related service personnel, and administrators. The special education program at Buena High School is geared to developing each student's confidence and capabilities so that they can become productive members of society. 

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