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   Interdistrict Appeals
  Interdistrict Attendance Appeals  

The Ventura County Board of Education acts as the appellate body on interdistrict transfers when either the district of residence or the district of requested attendance denies the transfer request.  The child’s legal guardian may request an appeal hearing before the Ventura County Board of Education when any of the following three conditions exist. 

  1. After your request for an interdistrict transfer has been denied by your district of residence or by the district of requested attendance AND you have exhausted the appeal process of the denying district  OR
  2. When the district has failed to respond during the current academic school year to your request for a transfer within thirty (30) calendar days  OR
  3. When the district has failed to respond to your request for a transfer for the next academic school year (E.C. 46601).
    a.   14 days after both districts' academic school year begins,  AND
    b.   30 or more calendar days after your request was submitted to the district of residence. (Both a and b must be satisfied.)

Through the years we have found that the appeal procedures are sometimes misunderstood, and consequently, the cases that come before the Board may not be prepared thoroughly.  As a result of this concern, we developed an INTERDISTRICT APPEAL PROCESS PUBLIC INFORMATION BROCHURE that explains in detail the steps of an interdistrict appeal. 
To begin the appeal process, the child’s legal guardian must complete the “Interdistrict Attendance Appeal Form” contained within the public information brochure.  The Interdistrict Attendance Appeal Form must be requested, completed, signed, and received by the Ventura County Superintendent of Schools Office within thirty (30) days of the denial of your Interdistrict transfer request or failure of the district to act.  A copy of the denied Interdistrict transfer request must be attached. 

INTERDISTRICT APPEAL PROCESS Public Information Brochures 
Interdistrict Appeal Process Public Information Brochures can be downloaded (English version / Spanish version); or requested via telephone at (805) 383-1902; or you can visit our office at 5189 Verdugo Way, Camarillo, CA.  Additional information regarding the procedures for an Interdistrict Attendance appeal is available in the Ventura County Board of Education Board Policy 5117.1 and Administrative Regulation 5117.1

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