Multilingualism Leadership Network

Multilingualism Leadership Network (Formerly EL and DL Networks)

The Ventura County Office of Education which provides professional learning that builds on asset-based pedagogy has established a Multilingual Network to support the design, planning, implementation, and sustainability of multilingual programs. Multilingual programs are a core component of research-based approaches to the multiple life-long benefits of bilingualism and biliteracy for all students, particularly for English Learners. The Guiding Principles for Dual Language Education (Center for Applied Linguistics, 2007) is the tool used for planning, self-reflection, and continual improvement. With the Global California Initiative and the English Learner Roadmap policy for educating English Learners coupled with continued growth of dual language programs in our county, this network’s foci centers on the three pillars that promote multiculturalism and best practices: bilingualism and biliteracy, high academic achievement, and sociocultural competence in all students to prepare them for a global diverse society. The participants engage in professional learning and collaboration to review current research and best practices and discuss problems of practice. In addition, the network organizes a bi-yearly Dual Language/World Languages Summit in collaboration with districts to highlight the local expertise in the field in addressing the professional development needs of teachers and administrators who are implementing or planning to implement a program. The goal is to provide training, professional learning, and networking opportunities for dual language educators and parents.

Dr. Leticia Ramos, Echo Reves, Anna Belitski  • 805.437.1330



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