SEASONS Senior Speaking Program

SEASONS is an intergenerational educational program that brings senior citizens into the classroom to share first-hand life experiences, careers, hobbies and interests spanning more than 60 years. SEASONS speaker discussions include historical accounts of World War II, adventures in global travel, careers in medical research and health, science and technology, experience in the arts, knowledge about agriculture and world hunger, community service, antiques and their significance and much more. Aligned to specific California Common Core State Standards, SEASONS can help enhance curriculum and build students' background knowledge. By linking our diverse students to former generations, SEASONS helps build a community that bonds young and old of many cultures.

Book a Speaker

If you would like to have a SEASONS speaker visit your class, please contact:

Alice Sweetland, Coordinator
(805) 437-1347

SEASONS Brochure

The SEASONS brochure is available online by clicking here.

Clara Knopfler Video

Photo Gallery

SEASONS Computer Class

Dr. Robert Jordan with his book "My Story"

SEASONS Speaker Robert Cheveres

SEASONS Speaker Leonard Zerlin

Grace & Audrey working on their iPads