Ethnic Studies Model Curriculum

UPDATE as of August 31, 2020:


ESMC Second Field Review – Open for Review and Public Comment September 1 – 30, 2020

Information about how to submit public comment on the Ethnic Studies Model Curriculum (ESMC). The current public comment period will be September 1–30, 2020.

Members of the public are invited to submit comments on the revised draft of the Ethnic Studies Model Curriculum. All written comments will be forwarded to the members of the California Department of Education (CDE) Instructional Quality Commission (IQC) and the State Board of Education (SBE) prior to their action upon the draft model curriculum. Personal contact information such as emails, phone numbers, and addresses will be redacted. Duplicate comments (e.g., form letters or preprinted postcards) may be tallied and posted as a single copy with a note indicating the total number received.

The IQC took action on August 13, 2020, to post the revised draft chapters below for a 30-day period of public review. Please direct your comments to this draft.


Commenters may submit comments on the revised draft during this 30-day Second Field Review period using the following methods:

  • Via email to This is the preferred method of receiving comment. 
  • Via telephone at 916-319-0243. You may leave a comment at that number. Staff will record the content of the comment, but the actual voicemail will not be forwarded to members of the IQC or the SBE. 
  • Via physical mail at:

Instructional Quality Commission

c/o California Department of Education

Curriculum Frameworks and Instructional Resources Division 

1430 N Street, Suite 3207

Sacramento, CA 95814


Commenters are encouraged to include in their comment specific suggestions for items that they would like the IQC and/or SBE to consider, including chapter, page, and line numbers where appropriate. If the commenter would like to see alternative language substituted for the existing text, they should provide that language in their comment. If the commenter would like to submit a complete lesson for consideration, they are encouraged to follow the format of the existing lessons in Appendix B. When the comments are presented to the IQC, CDE staff will indicate whether that comment contains line edits, sample lessons, or suggested resources.

If any lessons and/or educational resources are provided, it is the submitter’s responsibility to ensure that they hold the necessary copyrights/permissions for the posting of that material. Lessons/resources should not contain any advertising or require any payment to use. Any submissions become the property of the California Department of Education and may be edited prior to inclusion in the model curriculum.

Comments that contain implicit or explicit threats to the members of the IQC or SBE, or to CDE staff, may not be forwarded. Please note that for security reasons we cannot forward hyperlinks to personal mailboxes or online storage sites; any such links will be redacted. Please include the full content of your comment either in your email or as an attachment.


CDE Curriculum Frameworks and Instructional Resources Division | | 916-319-0881 

Ethnic Studies Model Curriculum Guidelines - Guidelines for the 2020 Ethnic Studies Model Curriculum