Areas of Focus

The Ventura County Office of Education resolves to provide leadership and service through increased levels of effectiveness, innovation and operational economy in the programs we operate and throughout all school districts in Ventura County. VCOE will advocate for Ventura County's students, staff and parents through ongoing and open communication among and between these groups, as well as with local and state agencies and legislators on behalf of these constituencies.  In order to accomplish these functions, we will focus specific effort in the following areas for the fiscal years 2014/15 and 2015/16:

Advocacy, Engagement and Alignment 
  • Impact policy at all levels
  • Engage all stakeholders
  • Align policies with resources

VCOE is dedicated to the development, achievement and future of ALL children, and moving from the creation of policy to the implementation of practices that will ensure their success.  This will include:  targeted efforts at local, state and national levels involving parents, community, non-profit and professional organizations, municipalities, government agencies, legislative bodies and private sector partners.  Educational objectives will be thoughtfully considered, clearly communicated, and aligned to resources.

Enhancing the Educational Continuum
  • Ensure equitable access from early childhood through college and career  
  • Provide quality classified and certificate professional learning 
  • Support programs that address students' academic and socio-emotional needs 
  • Utilize data to monitor and improve programs 
  • Develop partnerships with business and higher education

VCOE will maintain and augment its commitment to the entire learning spectrum from early childhood education to college and career readiness and beyond. This includes a commitment to access and equity of programs for all students. Student performance will be monitored and augmented in alignment with Common Core Standards, Local Control Accountability Plans and the Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium.  These efforts shall be complemented by the expansion of supplemental value programs for students, modeling positive behaviors, professional development and peer coaching/mentoring strategies for certificated and classified personnel and partnerships with school districts, local colleges and universities and business community.

Infrastructure and Resource Management 
  • Increase efficiencies through innovative technologies
  • Integrate educational technology and instruction 
  • Balance district academic and fiscal oversight with support 
  • Embrace 21st Century communication methods

VCOE will continue to maximize its operational efficiencies and build capacity by researching and utilizing the latest technological platforms in a variety of areas: student information and business systems, transmission bandwidth, online programming and content specialization, risk management, energy conservation and the elimination of unnecessary regulatory burdens.  In particular, technology services will be integrated with the instructional environment for the ultimate benefit of students and teaching staff.  Maintain a position of support and balance as VCOE exercises its fiscal and academic oversight responsibilities for all school districts.  Emphasis will be placed upon the social media applications and other 21st Century communication methods reflective of an emerging and dynamic society.

Innovation and Entrepreneurship 
  • Create opportunities for collaboration with educational partners 
  • Explore fee based income models

VCOE will continue to foster arenas of collaboration with its educational partners through its myriad of job specific group meetings designed to promote both creative and critical thinking.  In conjunction with the Local Control Funding Formula, a migration to additional fee based income models will be explored, implemented and evaluated to perpetuate the existence of programs critical to student and staff learning.

Organizational Health 
  • Build relationships based upon trust, transparency and servant leadership 
  • Maintain a culture of learning 
  • Provide the highest levels of service and satisfaction

VCOE will continue the interactive collaboration of its diverse branches and departments with specific emphasis on trust, transparency, clarity of purpose, and servant leadership; recognizing that within each domain there exist ideas and practices which will more completely inform the work of others. A culture of learning will be fostered through flattening hierarches and building capacity toward a workforce reflective of Ventura County's demographics.  All employees will acknowledge, embrace and exemplify VCOE's values in providing the highest levels of service and satisfaction in addressing the needs of all constituents. 

The Ventura County Office of Education is governed by an elected County Superintendent of Schools and a five member County Board of Education.  The County Superintendent develops personnel and program policy and is the employer for all county schools employees.  The County Board makes policy decisions related to county operated programs in appropriate areas of budgeting, curriculum and planning.  Another function of the County Board is to hear appeals related to student interdistrict attendance, student expulsions, and charter schools.  The County Superintendent and County Board invite interested individuals to attend Board meetings and to take an active role in educational planning at the County level.