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Board Meetings

Regular meetings of the Ventura County Board of Education are held on the FOURTH MONDAY of each month from 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm in the Board Room at the VCOE Conference & Educational Services Center, Board Room, 5100 Adolfo Rd., Camarillo. Mid-month meetings for the purposes of Budget Study Sessions are held in April and May from 8:00 to 10:00 am.

The complete agenda packet, including meeting minutes and explanatory materials, is available for public review online, using the links below.  For meetings held prior to February 22, 2016, specific Board packet materials can be requested by contacting the office at (805) 383-1900. Video or audio recordings of meetings are posted when available.

For virtual Board meetings please click here.


2024 Meeting Calendar



Agendas, Board Packets, Minutes and Meeting Recordings

Board agendas, complete board packet information, meeting minutes and audio or video recordings of meetings are available by clicking the links below for the desired meeting date. If you have any questions, or need assistance, please contact the office at 805-383-1900.

DateSorted By Date In Descending OrderTimeMeeting TypeAgenda & PacketMinutesAudioVideo
6/24/20246:00 PMRegular Board Meeting    
6/21/20248:00 AMRegular Board Meeting    
5/20/20246:00 PMRegular Board MeetingView Listen 
5/3/20248:00 AMRegular Board MeetingViewViewListen 
4/22/20246:00 PMRegular Board MeetingViewViewListen 
4/19/20248:00 AMRegular Board MeetingViewViewListen 
3/11/20246:00 PMRegular Board MeetingViewViewListen 
2/26/20246:00 PMRegular Board MeetingViewViewListen 
1/22/20246:00 PMRegular Board MeetingViewViewListen 
12/11/20236:00 PMRegular Board MeetingViewViewListen 
11/27/20236:00 PMRegular Board Meeting ViewViewListen 
10/23/20236:00 PMRegular Board Meeting ViewViewListen 
9/25/20236:00 PMRegular Board Meeting ViewViewListenView
8/28/20236:00 PMRegular Board Meeting ViewViewListen 
7/24/20236:00 PMBoard Meeting CancelledView   
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Agendas, Minutes and Audio (Prior to 2/22/16)

Agendas, minutes and audio recordings for meetings prior to February 22, 2016 are available below. Specific Board packet materials for these meetings can be requested by contacting the office at (805) 383-1900.

DateSorted By Date In Descending OrderTimeMeeting TypeAgendaMinutesAudio
1/25/20166:00 PMRegular MeetingViewViewListen
12/8/20154:30 PMSpecial Meeting with VCCCDViewViewListen
12/7/20156:00 PMRegular MeetingViewViewListen
11/23/20156:00 PMRegular MeetingViewViewListen
10/26/20156:00 PMRegular MeetingViewViewListen
9/28/20156:00 PMRegular MeetingViewViewListen
8/24/20156:00 PMRegular MeetingViewViewListen
7/27/20156:00 PMRegular MeetingViewViewListen
6/22/20156:00 PMRegular MeetingViewViewListen
6/15/20156:00 PMBoard MeetingViewViewListen
5/26/20156:00 PMRegular MeetingViewViewListen
5/8/20158:00 AMRegular MeetingViewViewListen
4/27/20156:00 PMRegular MeetingViewViewListen
4/17/20158:00 AMRegular MeetingViewViewListen
3/30/20156:00 PMRegular MeetingViewViewListen
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