Ventura County Superintendent of Schools Priorities
  1. To enhance our fiscal oversight and monitoring functions by promoting fiscal solvency and developing training and support structures for school districts to maintain and improve efficiency on routine functions. 
  2. To develop and implement systems of support for VCOE and School District development of the Local Control Accountability Plans ensuring individualized and group response to training efforts --- while maintaining VCOE and school district community informed on current and amended practices related to the LCAP in support of increasing all students’ academic achievement.   This will include inter-branch collaboration at VCOE and opportunities for us to facilitate district inter-department teams to collaborate on their LCAP development and updates.   
  3. To promote and advance equity, diversity, and inclusion work at VCOE and the education community in Ventura County through collaboration with school districts, county agencies, student organizations and non-profit community partners.  These efforts will impact both Special Education and general education settings and seek to develop opportunities for Special Education and general education educators to collaborate on global efforts that impact the entire school community.  
  4. To maintain high-quality VCOE schools and programs.  Additionally, to develop trend data on student enrollment in VCOE schools to inform the development of any right-sizing efforts necessary for program sustainability.  Continue to pursue funding options for the maintenance and expansion of Career Education Center programs. 
  5. Develop and staff Energy Management Program and study options for energy conservation on VCOE properties that will include a cost/benefit analysis on solar energy solutions.   
Shared Goals

Ventura County Office of Education 

County Superintendent of Schools and County Trustees 

Shared Goals 2023-2024 / 2024-2025


  1. Advocacy 
  1. Commit to annually developing advocacy actions benefitting public education in Ventura County (August) 
  2. Engage global community in advocacy efforts 


  1. Student Outcomes (Choose Annual Focus) 
  1. Provide student events, PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT, district support sessions/networks (includes COE students, District Students in School Districts and Charters)  
  1. Share data (participation counts, survey results, needs assessment, number of events) 
  2. Baseline vs adaptation discussion 


  1. County Office of Education Budget 
  1. Maintain balanced budget  
  2. Align resources with current needs of LEAs and Students