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The Ventura County Orthopedic Impairment Added Authorization provides credentialed teachers the authorization to be assigned students with orthopedic impairmentsTo be recommended for the added authorization, you will develop a professional portfolio for each of Courses A, B, and C that serves as documentation of your competency related to program standardsThe process is designed to ensure that classroom practices provide the greatest opportunity of a quality education for all students.  

The Orthopedic Impairment Added Authorization (OI AA) expands the Education Specialist Credential to provide services to students with orthopedic impairments. Currently, the statute indicates that a student with a low incident disability such as OI needs to have a teacher with an authorization specific to that disability area on the student's IEP team. 

The Program consists of three courses of online instruction, practica, fieldwork, and observations. 



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