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Impact II
2019 Superintendents Award Theme: Renewable Energy

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Important Dates:

Feb 22: Online Application Registration Deadline
Mar 1: Narrative (.pdf) and Supporting Documents (.pdf) Deadline
May 8: IMPACT II Awards Dinner

The purpose of IMPACT II is to spread excellent teaching ideas throughout our county. Recognizing innovative teachers at the awards dinner is an opportunity to celebrate the true heroes and heroines in our communities. Over the years Ventura County IMPACT II has matured into the program that we envisioned at its inception. In partnership with business leaders, teachers, and administrators more people are becoming aware of the program and are participating in unprecedented numbers.

IMPACT II is cost effective. The County Education Office funds the day-to-day operation of IMPACT II, so contributions go directly to teachers and classrooms for student projects. IMPACT II puts cutting edge classroom projects into the mainstream, turning students on to learning.

IMPACT II enables excellent teaching ideas to reach all teachers in the county, and raises community awareness of exemplary classroom practices. IMPACT II boosts teacher morale by recognizing innovative teaching as well as enhancing teacher professionalism through local/national training and teacher presentations.




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