Out of State Applicants

Do you hold a professional-level credential from another US state or U.S. territory and would like to apply for a California teaching credential?

The Commission on Teacher Credentialing’s webpage provides instructions on documents needed to apply for a California teaching credential. The following are documents generally required for all teaching credentials:


  • Application Form (41-4)
  • Processing Fee
  • Official transcripts verifying your Bachelor's degree (and any additional higher degrees). The transcripts must be the original college issued documents, not photocopies, but they do not have to be sealed in the original envelope.
  • A copy of your professional-level out-of-state teaching license authorizing teaching. Be sure to include a copy of the back of the document if the back has any licensing information or authorizations printed on it.
  • Evidence of fingerprint processing (Fingerprinting)

The Commission on Teacher Credentialing also encourages the submission of the following, if applicable:

  • Verification of two or more years of successful full-time out-of-state teaching experience.

For more information about the application for a California teaching credential, please visit the Commission’s website (CTC Link).


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