Educational Services

Educational Services
Lisa Salas Brown,  Associate Superintendent

The Educational Services Branch provides a broad array of training, support and resources for educators throughout the county. This branch is uniquely situated to link districts with Federal and State legal requirements and educational goals, identify emerging educational needs, and develop and disseminate sound and responsive educational practices and programs. We encourage you to explore our website and get acquainted with our staff and services. 

Services and Departments

Organizational Chart for the Educational Services Branch

Accountability & Continuous Improvement

This department provides assistance to local school districts in meeting the requirements of California’s accountability and continuous improvement system.

Comprehensive Health and Prevention Programs

This department promotes student wellness and advocacy by providing school districts with technical assistance and professional development on health, prevention, and youth-centered outreach and clubs. 


Curriculum and Instruction

The Curriculum and Instruction Department is recognized for its ability to develop successful partnerships with local school districts to provide leadership in the development, implementation, and evaluation of effective curriculum, instruction, and assessment programs.


Early Childhood Programs

ECP supports high quality early learning experiences designed to promote school readiness. The Transitional Kindergarten Institute bridges early learning and K-3 through a TK Certificate Program and site level coaching.


Educator Support and Effectiveness

Educator Support and Effectiveness (ESE) provides state-accredited credential programs, training and assistance to educational institutions in the recruitment, preparation and retaining of highly effective teachers and administrators. Through an established integrated system that supports multiple entry points into the educational profession and a unique blending of support throughout the learning-to-teach system, ESE’s mission is to provide skilled, credentialed educators for California schools and classrooms.


Expanded Learning Services

Expanded Learning Services include components of extended day learning, Supplemental Education Services (SES) and the Region 8 After School Programs (ASP) Technical Assistance Office; and serves the needs of districts, students, and parents. 1,2,3 Success/VCOE, an approved SES provider, tutors more than 1,200 school-aged children at 64 schools in 16 districts. 


Hearing Conservation

Hearing Conservation and Audiology Services supports schools and the Ventura County community in the provision of comprehensive hearing screening, in-depth hearing evaluation, and collaborative special education services for deaf and hard of hearing students to minimize the educational impact of hearing loss.  


Leadership Support Services

This department provides important, relevant, research-based professional development for school and district administrators and school-based learning teams. Other programs include the Administrative Services Credential Program, Legal Forum Series, School Recognition and Family Involvement Programs.  


Research and Evaluation

The VCOE Department of Research and Evaluation provides program evaluations and other applied educational research services. 

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