High School Equivalency Testing

There are now two high school equivalency tests to choose from:

Testing is available in Ventura County from these providers:

Organization HiSET GED Phone
Conejo Valley Adult Ed Computer Computer 805- 497-2761
Ojai Adult & Continuing Education n/a Computer 805- 640-4330 x1960
Oxnard Adult Ed Computer & Paper Computer 805- 385-2578
Oxnard College n/a Computer 805- 986-5800
Simi Institute n/a Computer 805- 579-6200
Ventura Adult Ed n/a Computer 805- 289-7925
Successful Completion of either test will result in a High School Equivalency Certificate


HiSET: $70 with 2 free retakes

GED: $140 with 2 free retakes

Free Test Preparation Materials

Tutorial Video: Watch this brief video to learn more about the HiSET exam and the computer-delivered test, including information about the computer screens and navigation.


Practice Tests and Study Companion: Testers can experience what it is like to take the HiSET exam by taking these free, 30–45-minute practice tests. Each subtest is half the length of the actual test and includes directions as well as an answer key. Questions are similar to those on the subtests, so you find out how ready you are and where you might need additional preparation.

Tips for Getting Ready: Find helpful tips and strategies to help you get ready for the exam, including how to organize your time both before and during the exam. See.


Fee Based Test Preparation Materials

Practice Tests: In addition to the free practice tests, ETS offers even more opportunities to practice with printable practice tests developed by ETS for just $7.50 per subtest.


Get Help Before Taking the HiSET Exam: The ETS/Aztec partnership reinvents the student-teacher relationship by creating the most student-centric learning environment ever. Aztec offers FREE and FEE-based versions of the Official Practice Test in addition to a fully correlated learning and preparation series. All Aztec products are both computer- and mobile-compatible, allowing testers to learn wherever they are. These practice exams create the perfect opportunity for you to experience the test in digital format. To learn more about the official HiSET test prep, visit our Partner prep page.


Online Account

Testers can use their accounts to:

  • Get jurisdiction-specific information
  • Prepare online with selected study materials
  • Register
  • Request accommodations
  • Schedule test and re-test
  • Review test day tips
  • View and print Comprehensive Score Reports, Individual Test Reports
  • Order Transcripts

Administrators and Educators: Will be able to download score reports through their online HiSET accounts. As for official transcripts and high school equivalency credentials, the states are responsible for determining policy regarding how these will be issued and by whom.

Free Test Preparation Materials

Test Previews

Assessment Guide for Educators 

Educator Resource Page


Fee based Test Preparation Materials

GED Market Place: Large selection of fee based test preparation materials by various publishers. To many to list here, click on GED Market Place above to see all.


Online Account

Testers: may access a personalized online program that guides testers through the entire testing process and assists in post-secondary transitions.

  • Get jurisdiction-specific information
  • Prepare online with selected study materials using the study tool wizard
  • Register
  • Request accommodations
  • Schedule test and re-test
  • Review test day tips
  • View and print enhanced score reports with study recommendations
  • Order transcripts and diploma
  • Transition to college & careers

Administrators and Educators: Enhanced exceptions management means you can confirm a test-taker’s eligibility quickly and securely.

  • Search for a test-taker by name, email, city, or type of exception (age, practice test, accommodation, etc.)
  • Sort records by status to handle the open cases sooner
  • Make eligibility decisions quickly and easily with one-click access on the dashboard
  • Online Educator tools can help you connect with learners to see what their study plans look like at home and to award them for progress in the classroom. Collaborate with other teachers and even post lesson plans, podcasts, or other resources for teachers and learners miles away.