Ventura County Board of Education: Vision, Mission and Goals
Our Vision

All people will benefit from life-long learning.

Our  Mission

The Ventura County Board of Education supports the Ventura County Office of Education in providing high quality services and support for rich life-long learning opportunities.  

Our Goals and Objectives

Goal 1:    The Ventura County Board of Education will advocate for equity and access to high quality student educational programs which promote college and career readiness.

  • Remain current and knowledgeable with regard to emerging educational issues.

  • Develop, adopt and monitor policies and practices that support improvement in academic achievement and the wellness of all students attending VCOE schools.

  • Advocate for the adequate funding of public education for all students.  

  • Work with VCOE staff to provide appropriate support and oversight to VCOE operated and authorized schools through in-person visits, annual reports, and revisions to Memoranda of Understanding as needed.

  • Maintain and strengthen relationships with Ventura County Community College District to provide career pathways and other growth opportunities for Ventura County students.   

Goal 2:  The Ventura County Board of Education will seek to enhance communication to and among school board members and the community at large.

  • Monitor and revise as necessary policies which may affect local school districts in the areas of Interdistrict Transfers, Expulsion Appeals, Charter School Appeals, and Communications protocols.

  • Actively participate in events sponsored by the Ventura County School Boards Association (VCSBA).

  • Actively participate in California School Board Association (CSBA) and California County Boards of Education (CCBE) activities, including service on selected committees and attendance at conferences and workshops.

  • Collaborate with the County Superintendent of Schools to formulate positions on selected educational issues with a common VCBE "voice" for sharing with a variety of constituencies.

Goal 3:  The Ventura County Board of Education will support high quality professional development for Ventura County School District Board members.

  • Promote the hosting of a CSBA Masters in Governance program in Ventura County.  

  • Work with the VCSBA Executive Committee to develop informative topics for presentation at VCSBA dinner meetings. 

  • Incorporate training modules on board meeting legal compliance, media relations and special populations into workshops for board member candidates.

The Ventura County Office of Education is governed by an elected County Superintendent of Schools and a five member County Board of Education.  The County Superintendent develops personnel and program policy and is the employer for all county schools employees.  The County Board makes policy decisions related to county operated programs in appropriate areas of budgeting, curriculum and planning.  Another function of the County Board is to hear appeals related to student interdistrict attendance, student expulsions, and charter schools.  The County Superintendent and County Board invite interested individuals to attend Board meetings and to take an active role in educational planning at the County level. 


Shared Goals

Ventura County Office of Education 

County Superintendent of Schools and County Trustees 

Shared Goals 2023-2024 / 2024-2025


  1. Advocacy 
  1. Commit to annually developing advocacy actions benefitting public education in Ventura County (August) 
  2. Engage global community in advocacy efforts 


  1. Student Outcomes (Choose Annual Focus) 
  1. Provide student events, PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT, district support sessions/networks (includes COE students, District Students in School Districts and Charters)  
  1. Share data (participation counts, survey results, needs assessment, number of events) 
  2. Baseline vs adaptation discussion 


  1. County Office of Education Budget 
  1. Maintain balanced budget  
  2. Align resources with current needs of LEAs and Students