Annual Notifications

The Human Resources Department is required on an annual basis to provide employees with the documents listed below, which may affect the terms and conditions of employment. In addition to referring to the listed policies, procedures and/or regulations, represented, employees are encouraged to refer to the applicable collective bargaining agreements. 

Click the links below to obtain and read the full policies.

Click here for the annual notification acknowledgement form.

Nondiscrimination in Employment

Outside Employment and Scheduling For Employees

Oath or Affirmation of Allegiance

Pesticide Use Notification

Political Activities of Employees

Sexual Harassment

Tobacco-Free Schools

Uniform Complaint Procedure

Violence Free Workplace

Voluntary Respiratory Protection Program

Workers’ Compensation and Industrial Injuries

Required Annual Trainings - These trainings are required in addition to and outside of this notification. You will receive a separate prompt to complete the trainings. 

  • Mandated Reporter (AB 1432)
  • Child Abuse Prevention 
  • Sexual Harassment Prevention (SB 1343)