Ventura County Office of Education

About the Ventura County Office of Education

The Ventura County Office of Education (VCOE) is committed to expanding access to quality education for all. We provide fiscal, training and technology support services to local school districts, helping to maintain and improve lifelong educational opportunities. VCOE offers an extensive calendar of professional development and educational courses and seminars at our state-of-the-art conference center in Camarillo. We also operate schools that serve educationally disadvantaged students, provide career education programs and coordinate countywide academic competitions.

VCOE is governed by an elected County Superintendent of Schools and a five member County Board of Education. The County Superintendent develops personnel and program policy and is the employer for all county schools employees. VCOE's various departments and schools are organized into three branches. The County Board makes policy decisions related to county operated programs in appropriate areas of budgeting, curriculum and planning. 

What is a County Office of Education?

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