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  • Focus on Education - December 2021

    Expanded Vaccine Availability • Vaccine Q&A for Parents • Free Digital Library • Pay Raise for Substitutes • Equity Conference • Arleigh Kidd Joins Board of Education
  • Focus on Education - September 2021

    Reflections on the New School Year from the Superintendent • Emotional Wellbeing Conference for Parents and Educators • Get Involved with VEX Robotics, Academic Decathlon, Mock Trial, and the Science Fair • New High Tech Lab to Become a Field Trip Destination
  • The Ventura County Class of 2021 Impresses and Inspires Amid Pandemic Challenges

    High school students in the graduating class of 2021 have shown incredible resilience and perseverance throughout the pandemic. They’ve adapted to distance learning and social distancing and the strange realities of returning to school during a global health emergency.
  • Ventura County Schools Preparing for Reopening After Coronavirus Closures

    Find out what school will look like when students return to class in the new edition of VCOE's Focus on Education.
  • In an Unsettled World, the Ventura County Class of 2020 is Ready to Lead

    It’s safe to say there has never been a senior year quite like this one. In March, the coronavirus crisis abruptly forced students from their schools and into a strange new world of distance learning. Then at the end of May, the death of George Floyd and resulting protests threw important and difficult issues of racism and equity into the spotlight in a way most students have never experienc...
  • Keeping Students Safe and Healthy in Body and Mind

    Ensuring that our students are safe and our schools secure is fundamental to the job of educators. It’s as a job that’s become more challenging in recent years for a variety of reasons. School shootings have become a horrifying reality of American life. The growing popularity of vaping among teens carries serous heath risks. And student mental health issues are on the rise as young people and th...
  • Get to Know Ventura County's School Districts

    Ventura County is home to twenty different school districts, each one as diverse as the students they serve. The smallest – with just 59 students – is the Santa Clara Elementary School District with its iconic red schoolhouse building alongside Highway 126. The largest is Conejo Valley Unified, with more than 18,000 students in 27 schools. Some districts only have elementary schoo...
  • Remarkable Ventura County Graduates Triumph Over Adversity

    For some students, high school graduation is a given. Others face a variety of obstacles that can put a diploma out of reach, no matter how badly they want it. But for nearly every challenge, there is a student who has found the inner strength to persevere. In this edition of Focus on Education, we're excited to introduce you to local graduates who have overcome challenges - some large, some small...
  • Media Literacy: Helping Students Make Sense of the Digital World

    Kids today are shockingly ill-equipped to evaluate the information that comes rushing at them on their phones, tablets and computer screens. They may have grown up with the internet, but they lack the skills they need to tell legitimate news from advertising or propaganda. In this edition of Focus on Education, we show you how these skills, known as Media Literacy, are increasingly being taught in...
  • Inspiring Stories from Ventura County's Graduating Seniors

    She lost her home to the Thomas Fire in the middle of her senior year, but it didn't stop her from achieving her dreams. He's a competitive snowboarder who's part of the first graduating class of Ventura County's newest high school. They're just two of the graduating seniors we're proud to introduce you to in this edition of Focus on Education.
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