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  • Inspiring Stories from Ventura County's Graduating Seniors

    She lost her home to the Thomas Fire in the middle of her senior year, but it didn't stop her from achieving her dreams. He's a competitive snowboarder who's part of the first graduating class of Ventura County's newest high school. They're just two of the graduating seniors we're proud to introduce you to in this edition of Focus on Education.
  • Big Ways that Big Data is Reshaping Local Education

    More than ever before, we have the tools to measure and analyze the performance of our students and schools at an extraordinary level of detail. Here in Ventura County, several initiatives are harnessing the power of information to benefit students starting in preschool and continuing through higher education. In this edition of Focus on Education, find out how Ventura County educators are pu...
  • Teaching Civic Engagement in a Divisive Political Era

    Take a look inside the growing effort to teach civic education in Ventura County in the latest edition of VCOE's Focus on Education. From an elementary school program that teaches students about the inner-workings of Congress to a high school that's partnering with the Reagan Library, Ventura County educators are giving students the tools they'll need to be engaged and informed citizen...
  • Shining Stars from the Ventura County Class of 2017

    From a young man who overcame the loss of his father to a budding film maker whose latest work is going viral online, the students graduating from Ventura County high schools this year are an impressive group. We're proud to introduce you to some of them in this edition of Focus on Education. Read it on your computer below or click here to view on your mobile device. &nb...
  • Focus on Education: Spring 2017 - Accountability and Funding

    A new tool to gauge performance is the latest step in a comprehensive effort to reinvent the way schools are evaluated and financed in California. In the newest edition of VCOE's Focus on Education, find out how years of reform and innovation are coming together to build a public education system that better serves all of our students. Read it on your computer below or clic...
  • Focus on Education: Winter 2017 - Ventura County P-20 Council

    From a three-year-old attending a neighborhood preschool to a college student seeking financial aid, Ventura County students of all ages benefit from an organization you may not have heard of. Find out how the Ventura County P-20 Council is uniting the community to enhance education in this edition of Focus on Education. Read it below or click here to view on your mobile device.   ...
  • Focus on Education: Summer 2016 - The Class of 2016

    A young man who is moving from the produce fields of Oxnard to the halls of academia is just one of the amazing Ventura County high school grads you'll meet in this edition of Focus on Education.
  • Focus on Education: Spring 2016 - Expanded Learning Opportunities

    From early education to after school programs, learning opportunities are expanding in Ventura county. In this edition of Focus on Education, we take a look at how early these programs are evolving into key components of a well-rounded education.
  • Focus on Education: Winter 2016 - Social & Emotional Well-being

    A tragic series of student suicides is highlighting the importance of addressing the social and emotional needs of our kids. In this edition of Focus on Education, find out how local educators are taking action to help students stay mentally healthy as they pursue their education.
  • Focus on Education: Fall 2015 - Career Education

    Career and Technical Education is taking off in Ventura County. In this edition of Focus on Education, we're proud to show you some of the exciting ways career education is transforming lives and building bright futures for Ventura County's students.
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