You will find our Reopening & COVID-19 Mitigation Plan at this link:  English/Spanish


Re-Opening Weekly Update:  10/23/2020  English/Spanish



10-2-2020    Information on Returning to In-Person Instruction

VCOE school programs are currently planning to open our school classrooms for in-person instruction when our county has moved to the “substantial” or red tier on the statewide COVID monitoring. In this red tier, schools can open with modifications and do not require a waiver. Schools may not reopen fully for in-person instruction until our county has been in the substantial or red tier for 14 consecutive days. We continue to closely monitor our county’s tiered level and have begun school site planning to implement our Ventura County Public Health approved VCOE Re-Entry Plan. You will find the plan at the link below. 

To provide you with an overview, the Re-Entry plan follows all State and Local Public Health guidance regarding face masks for adults and students (unless they cannot), active and passive screenings each day, physical distancing, hand hygiene, COVID-19 testing of our staff members, and frequent cleaning as described in our plan.

With this information in mind, we are conducting this survey to determine how many families will return to in-person learning when we are in the substantial or red tier.To participate in our return to school survey click here.


Link to the Return to School Survey/Encuesta para el Regreso Escolar en Persona

10-2-2020   Encuesta para el Regreso Escolar en Persona:

Los programas escolares con VCOE actualmente están planeando abrir nuestras escuelas para instrucción en persona cuando el condado se haya movido al nivel “sustancial” ó nivel rojo en el monitoréo a nivel de estado por COVID.  En éste nivel rojo, las escuelas pueden abrir con modificaciones y no requieren un consentimiento.  Las escuelas no pueden reabrir plenamente para la instrucción en persona hasta que nuestro condado haya estado en el nivel sustancial ó nivel rojo por 14 dias consecutives.  Para más información en el nivel rojo, por favor mire la información abajo.  Continuamos monitoreando de cerca el nivel escalonado de nuestro condado y hemos comenzado la planificación del sitio escolar para implementar nuestro Plan de Reingreso VCOE aprobado por la Salud Pública del Condado de Ventura.

Para proveérle una descripción general, el plan de reingreso sigue toda guianza de la Salúd Pública del Estado y Local acerca del cubre bocas para adultos y estudiantes (a menos que no puedan), pruebas activas y pasivas cada dia, distanciamiento físico, higiene de manos, pruebas de COVID-19 para miembros de nuestro personal, y limpieza frecuente como es descrita en nuestro plan.

Con ésta información en mente, estamos conduciendo una encuesta para determinar cuántas familias regresarán al aprendizaje en persona cuando estemos en el nivel sustancial ó nivel rojo.  Por favor siga el link arriba para completar la encuesta.


9-17-2020     An Announcement from Dr. Cesar Morales, Deputy Superintendent, VCOE

I want to say thank you to all of our parents for your understanding and cooperation during these challenging times. We know that the closure of school campuses has created serious challenges for you and your students. Our teachers are working hard to keep students engaged with distance learning, and they couldn’t do it without your help. By working together, we are maximizing the opportunity for students to continue learning from home until campuses reopen. Like you, we want nothing more than to get students back to the classroom where they can receive the services and personal interaction they need. We have developed plans for safely reopening school campuses, but we can’t start using them until Ventura County moves from the purple to the red tier on the state’s coronavirus watch list and stays there for two weeks. We will be providing you with updates as conditions change. Please know that educating and caring for your students is our mission and our passion. We are looking forward to welcoming them back to campus as soon as it’s safe, and we thank you for your continued support. For more information about distance learning and plans for reopening, visit Thank you.








Special Education
Holly Minear, Executive Director

It is the goal of the Ventura county Office of Education (VCOE) Special Education Department to provide a quality, meaningful and relevant educational program for the students we serve. Through our work, we seek to make a positive impact on the lives of our students both now and in the future.

The VCOE Special Education Department provides vital services in Ventura County by serving students from all of the 19 local school districts within the county and the SELPA, including the Las Virgenes Unified School District in Los Angeles County for a total of 20 school districts; currently the Department operates 86 classes on 22 different school sites throughout Ventura County. These services include:

  • Self-contained classes with specialized academic instruction for students with moderate to severe disabilities ages 3 through 22.
  • Self-contained classes with specialized academic instruction for students with severe social-emotional and behavioral needs, kindergarten through high school.
  • Highly specialized program for students on the autism spectrum, elementary through high school.

Support services including:

  • Behavioral Specialists
  • Mental Health Clinicians and Specialists
  • Nurses
  • Occupational Therapists
  • Paraeducators
  • Physical Therapists 
  • Psychologists
  • Spanish Interpreter
  • Speech Therapists
  • Transportation
  • Vision and Hearing Specialists

Transportation is also provided to more than 900 students, approximately 150 of whom are in wheelchairs.