Frequently Asked Questions
What is the Career Education Center?

The Career Education Center (CEC) is a public education service that provides hands-on career preparation. CEC is designed to provide students with the technical skills required for particular jobs. Community-based internships in local businesses and industry sites are offered in many classes. Every course offers a unit on employment seeking skills, which includes the job application, resume, and interview preparation.

Who is eligible?

Courses are open to all high school juniors, seniors, persons 16 years of age or older, and to adults. Priority is given to high school seniors then juniors, and then adults.

What is the cost to High School students?

Ventura County CEC is a state funded educational program; therefore, there is no tuition for high school students.

What Courses are Available to Adults?

Oxnard Adult School currently offers the following fee-based courses at the Camarillo Airport campus. All fees are per semester.

Auto Body/Auto Paint 
Auto Body/Auto Paint - Advanced
Automotive Service

Criminal Justice (Hybrid online)
Dental Assistant
Emergency First Responder

Floral Design
Medical Assistant (Back Office)
Mobile Application Development
Screen Printing
Unmanned Aerial Vehicles        
Welding - Beginning
Welding - Advanced

Please contact OAS for more information: 805-385-2578 or visit their website.  

Where are the CEC classes located?

CEC classes meet at the campus located in the area of the Camarillo Airport, local high schools, and business and industry sites. After basic classroom instruction, every attempt will be made to provide internships near the student’s home, high school, or CEC class sites.

Are you paid while in an Career Education class?

Because the Career Education is a career preparation program, students are not paid while enrolled in class. (Students receive high school elective credit and on-the-job experience.)

What is an internship?


Students in the majority of our classes will be placed with a on-the-job training site.  Each student (with teacher assistance) will acquire a potential intern site for further training and supervised practical experience.  During this phase of training, students will have an opportunity to apply skills they have learned in the classroom.  Students will be exposed to the realism of the work environment in an industry related to their training.  Employers indicate that this phase of training is an essential part of preparing students for employment.  Experience has demonstrated that a student’s chance of obtaining gainful employment is greatly increased by the internship phase of the program.


Can you earn high school credits in a CEC class?


Upon successful completion of a CEC course, elective credit may be issued and applied toward high school graduation.


How do I register for a CEC class?


High School Students:   See your counselor.


Adults:   Adult registration for the Dental Assistant program & the Auto Customization/Restoration course, please call the Career Education Center office for more details at (805) 437-1420.