Important Coronavirus Updates - 4/3/2020

All VCOE in-person classes are cancelled through the remainder of the school year. In light of our current situation, instruction has moved to a Distance Learning model, primarily through Google Classroom and Hangouts Meet.  Classes already using the Canvas online platform will continue to do so. 

As our instructors transition instruction to online platforms, we want to assure you we will continue to provide Career Education through the end of the school year.  Instructors will be assigning grades and students will be earning credits.  Students need to participate in Distance Learning, and we ask students and/or parents to notify instructors and/or our CEC Counselor Shayn Foley if there are any issues in accessing coursework or instruction.  

Thanks to all of you for doing our part in preventing the spread of the novel coronavirus in our communities.

Need a Device?

  If you are a student in need
  of a device please contact:

  Counselor Shayn Foley - 805.437.1422 



Teacher Contact Information

Career Education Teacher Contact Information

Agriculture & Natural Resources Teachers
Allison Leete
Edward Garcia
Kathy Jonokuchi
Kirsten Kent
Arts Media & Entertainment Teachers
Antonio Rivera
Dominic Rivera
George Gabriel
Ian Fish
Jesse Barnett
Joe Chacon
Phil Taggert
Ruben Rodriguez
Scott Matalon  
Business & Finance Teachers
Fred Morales
Fashion & Interior Design Teachers
Jenni Perham
Health Science and Medical Technologies Teachers
Alicia Rincon
Camille Jauregui
Catinca Medrazo
Cecily Lopez
Erica Spicer
Esmeralda Ruiz
Irene Ornelas
Julie Cunningham
Kathryn Dunlop
Lori Burch
Mojdeh Makhsusy
Tacha Robles
Tony Luboff
Valeria Balderrama
Hospitality, Tourism & Recreation Teachers
Chase Elder
Nick Moller
Information & Communication Technologies Teachers
Anne Kearns
Chad Gerckens
Kevin Rickard
Manufacturing & Product Development Teachers
Glenn Murphy
Greg Dettorre
John Rodriguez
Public Services Teachers
Beth Ward
Casey Graham
Don Anderson
Hunter Taylor
Jacob Sipos
John Franchi
Lauren Rad
Lorraine Miramontes
Todd Van Epps
Wendy Carlton
Transportation Teachers
Adan Vega
Devin Thompson
Joe Martin
Russell Martin
Steve Budy
Robin Sullivan rsullivan@vcoe.

Did you know?

Many of our Career Education teachers work at other school sites across the county and may be contact through their home school email address as well as the one provided here.

Check school sites for additional contact email information.





































Resources for Students, Distance Learning

Learn about yourself, the employment options available to you and the training that will prepare you for them.  Visit the California Career Zone.

Welcome to the Career Education Center.  Here in Ventura County, students have access to some of the best Career Education courses in the state.  Peruse our 2020-2021 course offerings by clicking here.  Complete an Intent to Register form from your district link if you would like to register for one of our classes.

Most of our courses include an internship component during the second semester.  Students will need to provide their own transportation to internship sites.  Many of our students are hired by local businesses as a result of their internship.

We provide opportunities for internships, field trips, personalized learning and support, and most importantly, a caring, supportive environment. Welcome! 

Why Career Technical Education?  Learn more here.

Administrative Services CenterVCOE Administrative Services Center 
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Phone: 805-383-1900 • Fax: 805-383-1908

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Conference and Educational Services CenterVCOE Conference and Educational Services Center
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