Strong Workforce Program, 2019-2020

Strong Workforce Program K12

In summer 2018, the California legislature introduced the K12 Strong Workforce Program (K12 SWP) as an ongoing statewide funding opportunity. It is designed to support K–12 local education agencies (LEAs) in creating, improving, and expanding career technical education (CTE) courses, course sequences, programs of study, and pathways for students transitioning from secondary education to postsecondary education to living-wage employment. ("K12 Strong Workforce," California Community Colleges Chancellor's Office, 2020, 25 January 2020.)

The VCOE Career Education Department works closely with our regional community colleges in support of program development and seamless transitions for the 44,000 high schoool students in districts throughout Ventura County.


Expending SWP Funds, Information for Partner Districts 2019-2020

Strong Workforce Program funds may be used to support one or more various strategies:

Strategy 1. Develop and implement enhanced pathways

Strategy 2. Increase quality and quantity of Work-Based Learning opportunities

Strategy 3. Improve student transitions (middle school to high school; high school to post-secondary programs)

Strategy 4. Provide students with timely, comprehensive career exploration activities

Each strategy may be addressed by one or more activities.  Please refer to the attached document Exhibit C for an overview of Strategies and Activities.


Directions to Partner Districts:

1. Complete a program evaluation; the High Quality CTE Program Evaluation form for CTEIG or its adapted version for SWP.  Maintain this on file at your LEA. All expenditures should address program needs as aligned with the program evaluation.

2. Create a budget for expending SWP funds.

3. Identify the expenditures on the K12SWP Budget Template Exhibit B; for each expense, please identify the strategy and activity the item will address.

3. Submit your completed K12SWP Budget Template to  


Please note, 70% of funds will be released upon successful review of the completed document.  CCCCO will be releasing details soon on activities required for release of the remaining 30% of funds.

Unified and High School Districts must have a Cal-PASS Plus MOU on file with Cal-PASS Plus.  Click here for more information. 

Funds must be expended during the plan term:  July 1, 2019-December 31, 2021


SWP Grant, VCOE Consortium 2020-2021

We are excited to share all three VCOE Consortium applications for Strong Workforce Program grant funds have been funded! The total VCOE award for all three applications is expected to be $2.1 million.  This is great news in continuing the amazing CTE work at our sites begun under CCPT for the 2020-2021 school year.  Unfortunately, we are not fully funded, with funds estimated roughly 75% of request.  As a result, efforts are underway to develop a plan and budget for each grant, based on the work plan submitted with the grant application.  The plan is to share approximate grant budgets on March 31 at our next consortium Leadership meeting.