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Have you ever wondered what happens when math, physics and engineering are bundled together and put into practice? Short Answer: Robotics!

You will be part of a team that will design and build a really cool robot. Your team will compete against other robots in a game that’s different each year! But it’s more than that, face it, robots are FUN! And while you’re having fun you will be learning technical skills like mechanical and electrical engineering as well as computer programming. That’s not all, you’ll also learn about teamwork, leadership, respect, and integrity.

I invite you to take a step into the future, tackle something that baffles most people, stretch the limits of your abilities and have a great time doing it.

Event Information

Site Layout:
When: Saturday, Nov. 2, 2019; 7:30 AM - 5:30 PM
Where: VCOE Conference Center: 5100 Adolfo Rd., Camarillo

Schedule of the Day:
7:30 AM Doors Open
8:00 AM Team Registration and Inspections Begin
9:00 AM Driver Meeting
9:30 AM Qualification Matches Begin
Noon - 1:00 PM Lunch
3:00 PM Alliance Selection and Championship Matches
4:00 PM Awards
5:30 PM Doors Close

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Conference and Educational Services CenterVCOE Conference and Educational Services Center
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