QCVC Teaching Stars Coursework or Degree Advancement Pathway

To be eligible to receive an incentive from QCVC Teaching Stars through the Coursework or Degree Advancement Pathway, you must meet the following criteria: 

  • Work 5 or more hours per week in Ventura County with children from birth to age 5 in a center or Family Child Care Home and complete one or more of the following activities:  

  • Unit Completion: Attend an accredited two or four-year higher education institution and complete coursework that is applicable to earning or upgrading a CD Permit or toward degree attainment in an ECE/CD program or related field

  • Enrolled in courses that follow an approved Education Plan  

  • Pass courses with a ‘C’ or better grade OR a ‘credit’ (only if the course does not offer letter grades 

  • Degree Attainment: Attend an accredited two or four-year higher education institution to complete an AA(S), AA(S)-T, or BA(S) degree. 

  • Enrolled in courses that follow an approved Education Plan  

  • Receive an AA(S), AA(S)-T, or BA(S) degree. 

To receive a stipend for participation in the Project you must fulfill the following program requirements: 

  • Complete the online application on the CA Workforce Registry http://caregistry.org  

  • If you do not have a CA Workforce Registry ID, click here https://youtu.be/3J3frU3WyCY to watch a short video 

  • Sign and upload the supplemental forms packet including a W9 and employment verification form to your CA Workforce Registry account 

  • When you’ve completed the eligible activities:  

    • Upload transcripts to your CA Workforce Registry account that verify coursework or degree completion 

    • Upload your professional growth plan  

    • To learn more about a qualifying professional growth plan (click here) 

    • Complete a year-end survey regarding your participation in QCVC Teaching Stars 

QCVC Stipend Amounts 

The amount of awarded funding received will be determined by: 

  1. The number of units completed with a 'C' or higher at the designated institution by the end of the semester. 

  2. The completion of an AA(S) or BA(S) degree 

  3. Funding availability 


$175 per unit (maximum 12 units, $2100.00)  

Degree Completion 

$2,000 - AA/AS or BA/BS  

QCVC Teaching Stars Stipend Disclaimer 

Stipends are contingent upon availability of program funds and the number of eligible applicants. Stipends must be declared as income subject to income tax. 

QCVC Teaching Stars Stipend Application Dates 

Fall Semester Cycle 

(Summer + Fall Courses Completed) 

Spring Semester Cycle 

(Winter + Spring Courses Completed) 

Opens: September 1st 

Opens: January 1st 

Closes: December 20th 

Closes: June 10th   

*Please note, QCVC Teaching Stars stipends are given at the beginning of the NEXT semester after courses are proven to be successfully completed 

How to Apply 
a) Complete the QCVC Teaching Stars stipend application online via the CA Workforce Registry:   http://caregistry.org 

b) Questions about how to access the Workforce Registry stipend application, read this: https://www.caregistry.org/_participant_resources/How-to-Apply_for_Stipend_Program_ENG_6.29.20.pdf  

c) Print & fill out the QCVC Teaching Stars Supplemental Forms