Las Colinas MS
Las Colinas Middle School
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5750 Fieldcrest Dr • Camarillo, CA 93012

Driving Directions

Las Colinas Middle School serves students in grades six through eight who have moderate to severe disabilities. Each classroom benefits from smaller class sizes, increased staff-to-student ratio, and structured educational expectations. Instruction is based upon the following curricular skills: functional academics, communication, social-emotional/behavioral functioning, and motor skills designed so students can maximize their independence in the domains of vocation, community, independent living skills and recreation/leisure activities. Students focus on a functional skills curriculum and developing independence in preparation for high school, vocational opportunities, and  community access. Teachers use evidenced-based instructional strategies and technology to teach functional skills aligned to the California Standards including communication, collaboration, critical thinking, creativity, and college/career/community access.

Students have the opportunity to participate in activities with peers from the partnering comprehensive campus through the peer tutor/teaching assistant program and other integration opportunities as appropriate. Our teachers use Community Based Instruction (CBI) for students to practice and generalize skills in the community.  Establishing a functional means of communication for each student is an important focus of the program. Classroom instruction is aligned to the California Standards and 21st Century skills.

As a learning community, we believe that professional expertise, supported by collaboration between parents, students, teachers, specialists, paraprofessionals, administration and professional development leads to a safe learning environment and positive student outcomes.