L3: Learn, Lead, Launch
Changing the Leadership Narrative: Collective Efficacy

Ventura County Office of Education and Leadership Support Services are proud to announce the speakers for the 2017-18 L3: Learn, Lead, Launch Professional Learning Series. This year’s line-up includes Jon Saphier, author of The Skillful Teacher; Jennifer Abrams, international educational and communications consultant training educators on hard conversations; Ainsley Rose, Visible Learning lead and systemic change expert; Peter DeWitt, author of Collaborative Leadership: Six Influence that Matter Most; and Doug Fisher, world-renowned educational teacher-leader and author.

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Presenter Date Topic
Jennifer Abrams  November 14, 2017 Multigenerational Workplace
Nancy Frey April 23, 2018 Collective Efficacy
Peter DeWitt May 24, 2018 School Climate

The L3 and Team L3 professional learning series are proudly presented by VCOE Leadership Support Services and Corwin.


Team L3
Learning Teams Engage in an Ongoing Cycle of Improvement

For 2017-18 we are introducing Team L3, a professional learning series designed specifically for school and district teams. Teamwork has the potential to underpin so much of what is valuable in our work. In fact the benefits to be gained from teamwork synergies are essential for the effective management of resources. Researcher, John Hattie, ranks collective efficacy as the number one effect size for improving student achievement. Workshops will be held from 4-7 pm to encourage participation from teachers who along with administrators and non-teaching staff are vital team members. 

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Presenter Date Topic
Phil Boyte September 27, 2017 School Culture
Dr. Darnisa Amante December 12, 2017 Equity and Family Engagement
Jessalyn Nash January 18, 2018 Restorative Justice and Bullying Prevention
Dr. Amanda Gulsrud January 25, 2018 Autism Spectrum Disorder
Emily Austin  February 26, 2018 Trauma Informed Care
Sarah Brown Wessling  April 12, 2018 Teacher Practitioner Best Strategies