Charter Schools

Charter Schools
The VCOE department of Charter School Support and Oversight provides administrative support in coordinating the monitoring and supervision of VCOE authorized charter schools and in the review and analysis of charter school petitions. The department Director serves in an active leadership role coordinating efforts amongst the different branches within VCOE. Working collaboratively to provide administrative support and serving as the liaison between VCOE and authorized charter schools, and coordinating professional development offerings for VCOE authorized charter schools.

Ventura County Charter School Directors Meeting

Ventura County Office of Education held it's Charter School Directors Meeting on September 20, 2016. It was a great opportunity to get a group photo of these Charter School leaders.



Charter School Directors

Back Row:  Joe Clausi (ACE Charter High), Corrine Manley (Vista Real Charter), Claudia Weintraub (River Oaks Academy), Kristen Walker (MATES Charter), Julie Johnson (Opportunity for Learning), Richard Urias (VCOE Charter Director)
Front Row:  Cindy McCarthy (Bridges Charter), Jay Guidetti (Bridges Charter), Laura Fulmer (Valley Oak Charter), Brenda Olshever (MATES Charter), Gina VanNess (River Oaks Academy), Susanne Coie (CSDC Charter Area Rep)