Alternative Education

The Ventura County Office of Education operates two alternative schools that provide specialized learning environments and support to students who have been referred by their home districts as well as those who are incarcerated in the County Juvenile Facilities.

Gateway Community School
Gateway Community School is operated by the Ventura County Office of Education and serves all districts in Ventura County. Gateway primarily serves expelled, truant, and referred youth in grades 6-12. Gateway has high expectations of students and provides a rigorous academic environment, while also providing rehabilitation services for students.

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Providence School
Providence School provides educational services to the minors incarcerated in the Detention and Commitment Housing Areas within the Ventura County Juvenile Justice Facility. The purpose of Providence School is to provide high quality education and personal growth opportunities to incarcerated youth in a challenging, safe and supportive learning environment. 

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Learn more about the role that California's County Offices of Education play in serving at-promise students in this video from the California County Superintendents organization.