Marlo Hartsuyker, Director of Charter School Support and Oversight

Ms. Hartsuyker joined the VCOE team in 2017. As the Director of Charter School Support and Oversight, she directly oversees the five VCOE sponsored charter schools and provides support to the other Ventura County charter schools and their sponsoring districts. In addition, Ms. Hartsuyker is responsible for all statewide testing for VCOE schools, and oversees high school equivalency testing and student competitions. She is also a resource for Ventura County families with questions about their educational options.

Before coming to VCOE, Ms. Hartsuyker was the Lead Petitioner and Founder of the MATES Charter in Thousand Oaks. As the Founding Board President, Ms. Hartsuyker was actively engaged in all aspects of charter school governance and operation. In addition, Ms. Hartsuyker’s background as a practicing attorney provides valuable insight and familiarity with the laws and regulations that apply to charter schools.

Name Title Phone Email
Marlo Hartsuyker Director 805-383-1931
Andrea Rubin Charter School Support 805-437-1502
Fax  805-437-1503