Series 2000 - Administration
No.Sorted By No. In Ascending OrderTitlePolicyRegulationExhibitAdopted/Revised
2000Concept and Roles in AdministrationDownload  04/14/09
2100Administrative Staff OrganizationDownload  02/24/97
2110Organizational ChartDownload  02/24/97
2122County Superintendent of Schools Responsibilities and DutiesDownload  02/24/97
2124Appointment of County Superintendent of SchoolsDownload  06/11/08
2200Policy and Administrative Regulation SystemsDownloadDownload BP 10/24/05 AR 10/24/05
2210Administrative Leeway in Absence of Board PolicyDownload  02/24/97
2220Board ApprovalDownload  02/24/97
2260Copying and Use of Copyrighted MaterialsDownloadDownload BP 10/24/05 AR 10/14/05
2270Publication or Creation of MaterialsDownload  02/24/97
2300Conflict of Interest CodeDownloadDownloadDownloadBP 09/16/14 AR 08/11/23 Exh 07/28/14
Board Policies