There are four areas within the federal disability category of Speech or Language Impairment in which students may qualify for special education services: articulation disorder; abnormal voice; fluency disorders; and language disorder. While the first three areas clearly are for students needing speech therapy services provided by the holder of a SLP Services Credential, the last area, language disorder, is one that students could be taught by the holder of a LAD authorization to assist the students in their academic communication and language needs. In addition, many of these students would also need speech therapy from an SLP Services Credential holder. Students who are eligible under the category of speech and language impairment may receive instructional services from the holder of the LAD authorization for academic support.

Eligibility Requirements:

The LAD Credential candidate must have

  1. a Preliminary/Level 1 or Clear/Level 2 Education Specialist Credential;
  2. access to one student with IEP goals in the areas of language/communication, academics, and behavior/social/pragmatics.

In addition, if the candidate is an ECSE Credential holder, the candidate must provide evidence of having passed the RICA and Multiple Subjects exams.

Only holders of special education teaching credentials may earn the LAD Credential.

The LAD Program consists of three modules totaling 135 hours of online and face-to-face instruction, in-class practica, fieldwork, course assessments, and classroom observations. 

LAD Credential Candidates are Required to:

• attend all classes and participate in activities;
• complete three Portfolios in a timely manner;
• purchase required textbooks;
• complete assigned readings and assignments;
• complete observations and interviews of students;
• video record a class lesson.

Upon satisfactory completion of all program requirements, candidates are recommended for the LAD Credential. The program can be completed in one school year.

Registration for the 2018-2019 LAD Credential Program will open in August 2018. See the LAD program flyer for more information.

Contact Dr. Cloetta Veney, Director, at, or Pam Starkey, Administrative Assistant, at, if you have any questions. 

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Kim Uebelhardt Executive Director, Educator Support Services
Dr. Cloetta Veney Director
Pam Starkey Administrative Assistant
For credential advisement, contact:

Diana Westbrook Sr. Academic Advisor
Kathy Friel Academic Advisor