The Ventura County Language and Academic Development (LAD) Credential provides special education teachers the authorization to be assigned students with language and communication needs.  To be recommended for the LAD Credential, you will develop a professional portfolio for each of the three modules (A, B, and C) that serves as documentation of your accomplishments.  The process is designed to ensure that classroom practices provide the greatest opportunity of a quality education for all students 

There are four areas within the federal disability category of Speech or Language Impairment in which students may qualify for special education services: 

  1. articulation disorder; 
  2. abnormal voice; 
  3. fluency disorders; and 
  4. language disorder. 

While the first three areas clearly are for students needing speech therapy services provided by the holder of a SLP Services Credential, the last area, language disorder, is one that students could be taught by the holder of a LAD authorization to assist the students in their academic communication and language needs. Many of these students would also need speech therapy from an SLP Services Credential holder. 

Students who are eligible under the category of speech and language impairment may receive instructional services from the holder of the LAD authorization for academic support.

Program Fees

Candidates who will be paying their own fees (without district assistance) will pay the nonrefundable Registration

Fee at the time of application and may pay the Program Costs in their entirety or in installments, per the schedule below. 

$150 non-refundable Registration Fee + $4,850.00 Program Costs = $5,000

$150.00 Registration Fee, due at the time of registration

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Links and Resources
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Kim Uebelhardt Executive Director, Educator Support and Effectiveness kuebelhardt@vcoe.org
Sally Serles Coordinator sserles@vcoe.org
Rose Evans Administrative Assistant II roevans@vcoe.org
For credential advisement, contact:

Diana Westbrook Sr. Academic Advisor academicadvise@vcoe.org