Welcome Engineers!

Robotics provides students with opportunities to learn core science and engineering concepts using a fun, interactive approach. One of the biggest challenges of teaching students science and engineering is demonstrating these concepts in an engaging way. Robotics helps students learn about programming, engineering and physics.

Assembling and experimenting with robots is ideal for kinesthetic learners of any age group. Concepts and ideas come to life when the students can put them into practice.

Please review the information below and if you are able to join us for this fantastic experience, simply click on Volunteer Registration below.

Thank you in advance for making this an amazing experience for our students!



7:30 AM Doors Open

8:00 AM Team Registration and Inspections Begin

9:00 AM Driver Meeting

9:30 AM Qualification Matches Begin

Noon - 1:00 PM Lunch

3:00 PM Alliance Selection and Elimination Matches

4:00 PM Awards

5:30 PM Doors Close