Only holders of a special education teaching credential may earn an Orthopedic Impairment Added Authorization.
  • Candidate holds a California Preliminary/Level 1 or Clear/Level 2 Education Specialist Credential, or an Education Specialist Intern Credential.
  • Candidate has access to students with eligibility of Orthopedic Impairment and Health Care plans.

CODE OF CONDUCT: Program candidates understand and agree to abide by the ESE Professional Code of Conduct referenced in the ESE Handbook and available on the ESE website at (under "Links and Resources").

ACADEMIC INTEGRITY: Candidates, mentors, and other participants in VCOE Educator Support and Effectiveness programs are expected to conduct themselves in a professional manner, treat colleagues and VCOE staff with respect, keep confidential information confidential, and demonstrate academic integrity. Misrepresentation, plagiarism, cheating, and other academic and professional misconduct are considered violations of VCOE program standards and will be referred to the Executive Director for appropriate action, which may include dropping the candidate, mentor, or participant from the program.

ACCOMMODATIONS: Program candidates understand and agree that if accommodations for disability are needed, the applicant is responsible for requesting academic accommodations from the Educator Support and Effectiveness Program Director and for providing documentation of disability. VCOE strives to provide its candidates with assistance to meet reasonable requests.

UNIFORM COMPLAINT PROCEDURE: Program candidates understand that in the event an issue or complaint arises in regard to their participation in the program, they are aware of the Ventura County Uniform Complaint Procedure referenced in the ESE Handbook and available on the ESE website at (under "Links and Resources").

FAMILY EDUCATIONAL RIGHTS AND PRIVACY ACT (FERPA): Program candidates understand that candidate records are subject to FERPA. Information regarding FERPA is available at this link



  1. To participate in ongoing program evaluation for the year the candidate is in the program
  2. To make timely progress and complete all program requirements and responsibilities of the program; to attend and fully participate in the program requirements; and to submit all required evidence for program completion, including formative assessment evidence
  3. That failure to fulfill any of the program requirements and/or responsibilities will result in not receiving a recommendation for a California Credential and being subject to the late fee policy currently in effect and referenced in the ESE Handbook available at (under "Links and Resources")
  4. That the program responsibilities and requirements leading to program completion and/or California credential recommendation do not imply or ensure continued employment with the candidate's current employer, as licensure requirements and employment criteria may differ
  5. That the cost of participation in the program is the candidate's responsibility, if the candidate is not subsidized by state and/or local funds
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