STEAM Hub Communities of Practice

Region 8 has been selected, along with Region 7 (Fresno) to be the newest recipients of the STEAM Hub grant expansion for the 2018-19 school year. We join 6 other Regions who are able to offer this expanded level of support and professional development in the areas of science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics (STEAM) related content to expanded high-quality learning programs.


What is a Community of Practice

The STEAM Hub CoPs are provided through grant funding, so there is no cost 
 to participants.  However, we ask that participants commit to attend all three sessions 
of the cohort to nurture partnerships, build a collaborative culture, and share local 

A community of practice is designed to be a “by us for us” type of collaborative working 
and learning environment.   That is, the very structure of the CoP is intentionally crafted

to promote collective learning, problem solving, and resource sharing amongst local

expanded learning colleagues.  This is NOT a conventional information delivery type of

professional development.  Content is not delivered to passive recipients but rather, participants are actively involved in directing their own learning. That is, CoPs involve joint activities such as discussion and/or site visits that allow members to build relationships with one another, which in turn enable them to learn more effectively from and with each other. The content and format of the meetings is entirely based on the emergent, mutually identified needs of the group.

Region 8 STEAM Hub CoP Brochure