STEAM HUB CoPs:  A Unique and Innovative Opportunity


Region 8 is one of 16 Regions in California that annually receives funding from CDE, the SSEL STEAM Hub grant.



¨ An ongoing opportunity to NETWORK with other local expanded learning leaders in order to gain information about promising practices and resources that can help participants improve their own program quality

¨ An increased understanding of what it means to DESIGN and IMPLEMENT high quality STEM learning opportunities for students in expanded learning program sites.

¨ An increased understanding of and ability to DEVELOP collaborative partnerships to support high quality STEM learning opportunities for students



· SSEL STEAM Hub CoPs are designed for leaders and decision-makers. The process of sustainable change occurs within an organization by knowledgeable leaders at multiple levels. Ideal teams are comprised of Program Leaders and Site Coordinators - Individuals representing the organizations leading the regional work (e.g. COEs, districts, schools, CBOs)

· Program leadership: Program Directors and Grant Managers, district administrators, and CBO directors that oversee an entire program across multiple sites

· Site leadership: Principals, teacher liaisons,  and Site C0ordinators that manage front line staff at one program site


These are strategy sessions, not  “make-it, take-it” how-to workshops for front-line staff.



Region 8 STEAM Hub CoP Brochure


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Administrative Services CenterVCOE Administrative Services Center 
5189 Verdugo Way • Camarillo, CA 93012
Phone: 805-383-1900 • Fax: 805-383-1908

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Conference and Educational Services CenterVCOE Conference and Educational Services Center
5100 Adolfo Road • Camarillo, CA 93012
Phone: 805-383-1900 • Fax: 805-437-1305

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