Utility Conservation

At VCOE, we are committed to utility conservation. We are happy to provide the following resources and energy saving ideas. 

Energy Saving Ideas from SCE

Use screw-in compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs) in place of as many incandescent lamps as possible. CFLs provide the same amount of light as incandescent lamps, but use only about 25% of the energy and last six to 10 times longer.

Replace T12 lamps with high-performance T8 fluorescent lamps and electronic ballasts to obtain the same lighting levels, with energy and demand savings of 10% to 40%.

Use occupancy sensors in spaces people pass in and out of often, like storage areas, conference and break rooms, and restrooms, and achieve potential savings ranging from approximately 20% to 80%.

Control thermostat settings, since every degree of cooling can increase energy use by 2% to 3%.

Use a programmable thermostat to automatically control heating or air conditioning during nonoccupancy times. Proper usage of a programmable thermostat can cut a business’ cooling costs 15% to 25% and heating costs by approximately 25%.

Regularly maintain and clean your HVAC system – including cleaning condenser coils, cleaning or replacing filters, checking for leaking ducts and sealing them, and ensuring the economizer operates properly – to keep it running efficiently. This can save up to 30% of fan energy and 10% of space conditioning energy.

Additional Equipment

Turn off equipment at night and for long stretches during the day when it’s not in use. Copiers, laser printers, faxes and other office equipment can save up to 66% of their 24-hour power consumption if on only during office hours.

Install occupancy sensor controls on vending machines, so the machines are only on when customers are present or when the compressor must run to maintain the product at the desired temperature. This can result in average electricity savings of about 46%.