School Hearing Screening Services

Hearing Screening is conducted at Ventura County school sites by certified school audiometrists to identify students who may be at risk for educationally-significant hearing loss. This comprehensive hearing conservation program is designed to: 

  • Identify and monitor students with possible hearing loss  
  • Alert families to the need for complete hearing assessment and medical evaluation  
  • Inform school teachers of hearing concerns for given students, and classroom supports that can be readily implemented to minimize the impact of hearing loss on academic learning  
  • Maintain a centralize electronic records system with screening results and follow up assessments for students across all participating school districts in Ventura County
Populations to Receive Hearing Screening

Students are screened in accordance with the California Education Code (Section 49452) and California Code of Regulations (Title 17, Section 2951) according to the following criteria:

  • All students attending general education grades kindergarten, 2nd, 5th, 8th and 10th (in the absence of a 10th grade waiver). It is the school district’s responsibility to submit a request ANNUALLY to the California Department of Health Care Services for a 10th grade waiver , which provides an alternative plan to screen all 10th grade students.
  • Students in transitional kindergarten are included at the request of the school district   
  • Special education students upon initial entry to special education and every third year thereafter
  • Students at first entry into the California public school system, or new to the school district if prior screening records are not readily available
  • Students referred due to concerns from school staff or parents
  • Students in any grade who did not pass the previous hearing screening or are known to have a hearing problem that needs periodic monitoring

School health professionals need to work with their school team to identify students in need of hearing screening who do not fall into one of the mandated grades.


Hearing Screening for Special Education Students

Special education students are required to receive Hearing Screening upon entry to special education and every third year thereafter, e.g., special education students receive Hearing Screening as part of the initial IEP assessment, and in conjunction with triennial IEPs. More frequent screening can be conducted at the request of school personnel. Special education students in the mandated general education classrooms will be screened with their peers regardless of IEP status.

Students attending special day classes (SDC) may or may not be able to complete the hearing screening on the same day as those in general education. Students with mild developmental or learning delays in SDCs likely can complete the screening task in the usual manner and can be included when conducting general education screening. Students with moderate/severe involvement likely cannot. Students with moderate/severe involvement require individualized Specialized Hearing Screening with a licensed audiologist, on a separate day from the general education students. The audiologist has specialized equipment and expertise to gain information about hearing abilities and the need for follow up evaluation in these more difficult-to-test populations. Contact our office to arrange Specialized Hearing Screening for these students.

Scheduling Hearing Screening Services

VCOE Hearing Conservation works collaboratively with school districts, charter schools, and private schools, to help schedule and plan for state mandated hearing screening by California certified school audiometrists. 

Hearing Screening is provided throughout the school year. Services include an initial screening day(s) for all students in need, and a retest day 2 to 6 weeks later for those who did not pass the initial screening or who were absent. Results of the screenings are given to school personnel, along with notification letters for parents of those students in need of medical and/or audiological follow up.

Hearing Screening can be arranged by calling or emailing Hearing Conservation at 805-437-1380 or


Preparing for Hearing Screening
It is important for schools to fully prepare for Hearing Screening before our arrival. School staff can refer to the following guidelines to assist the school in preparation for and implementation of the Hearing Screening.