Family Engagement Think Tank
How can educators draw families into the daily life of their schools?

Family Engagement is designed to strengthen the home-school connection while preparing district and school staffs to meet Local Control Accountability Plan (LCAP) Parent Involvement requirements. With the support of the Ventura County Office of Education (VCOE), administrators and school leadership teams will participate in workshop trainings and research-based best practices to connect districts and schools with their families to support school goals and student achievement.

Research in the U.S. and internationally indicates that family engagement is critically important to student achievement.  However, districts have discovered that school leaders, teachers and other staff must develop particular skills, knowledge and dispositions to effectively include families in the life of the school.

Leadership Support Services  will prepare you to establish a culture and practices that genuinely honor and respect the knowledge that families bring to school improvement. You will learn to design family engagement strategies that are directly connected to student learning. Program objectives:
  • Understand the latest research indicating the importance of family engagement as an element of successful whole-school reform and what this means for work in your  context
  • Align family engagement programs with standards-based reform, including implementation of the Common Core State Standards
  • Understand what systemic, integrated and effective family engagement looks like, as opposed to random acts of engagement
  • Learn how to develop an effective engagement strategy that is employed by school staff, parents and community members,and understand the infrastructure and skills required to sustain it
  • Learn how to define and measure outcomes and evaluate practice

Families, schools, and community organizations all contribute to student achievement, and the best results occur when all three parties work together in a mutually collaborative partnership.  When that happens, students have an extensive support network with multiple parties engaged in their success, ensuring students have the guidance and resources they need to stay on the pathway to graduation, college or advanced training, and beyond.