2023-24 UPK Network Convenings

Ventura County UPK Network

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Ventura County TK TOSA Community of Practice

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For more information and resources on countywide UPK guidance, visit the VCOE UPK Network Google Drive.




For a dashboard of resource links for planning and implementation, visit VCOE's UPK Padlet.

For an overview of state initiatives, view guidance to California County Offices of Education on the Basics of UPK implementation and P-3 alignment.


Coaching and Training Supports for Transitional Kindergarten

Countywide professional development opportunities can be found on the VCOE ECP PD calendar. Targeted coaching and training can be coordinated for teachers, administrators, instructional aides, and staff working in early learning programs, including TK. For additional information, e-mail teachtk@vcoe.org