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At Dwire School, the Ventura County Office of Education operates one special education preschool class and nine special education elementary classrooms.

Students participate in a Functional Skills Curriculum that is supported by standards-based state adopted core curricular materials.  Curriculum focuses on the development of skills in the areas of functional  academics, communication, mobility and social/emotional development.  These skills are taught within the areas of self-care/independent living, recreation/leisure, vocational and community access through Community-Based Instruction.

Students learn functional skills that maximize their independence.   A strong emphasis is placed on teaching the student appropriate behaviors and on improving communication skills.  Instruction is designed to meet individual needs of each student throughout the school day, including recess and lunch periods. 

Students practice skills within the nearby community using Community-Based Instruction (CBI).  Additionally, a portion of the student’s school day may be spent in integrated activities with general education students from McAuliffe School.  These activities could include eating in the cafeteria with a buddy class, peer tutors in the special education classroom, activities with the general education classroom and the like. 

Additionally, a CCS Medical Therapy Unit is located in the Dwire building. 


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