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 John E. Tarkany, Coordinator

Ventura County Student Competitions

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Welcome to the Ventura County Office of Education, Student Competitions and Fundraising Department.


In cooperation with our many community partners, the Ventura County Office of Education, Student Competitions and Fundraising Department provides, promotes, and supports environments that result in world-class learning by hosting the Ventura County Science Fair, the Ventura County Mock Trial, the Ventura County Academic Decathlon, the Ventura County Impact II Program and the Ventura County Teacher of the Year Program.

The Ventura County; Science Fair, Mock Trial, and Academic Decathlon events encourage and recognize our exceptionally talented young people in their pursuit of academic excellence and also provide them with solid work ethics and valuable life skills such as; public speaking, interview, interpersonal, and teamwork skills

The Ventura County; Impact II and Teacher of the Year Programs enable excellent teaching ideas to reach all teachers in the county, raises community awareness of exemplary classroom practices, highlights educational innovation, student learning, the rewards of teaching and boosts teacher morale by recognizing innovative teaching.


The Ventura County Office of Education provides quality services and support for life-long learning opportunities. We collaborate to build relationships with local educational institutions and other government and private sector entities to provide leadership, service and support for all learners. The Student Competitions and Fundraising Department's goals and objectives are to:


1.       Provide, promote, and support environments that result in World-Class Learning for all.

  • Coordinate the Ventura County Science Fair
  • Coordinate the Ventura County Mock Trial
  • Coordinate the Ventura County Academic Decathlon
  • Coordinate the Ventura County Impact II Program
  • Coordinate the Ventura County Teacher of the Year Program 

2.       Secure and develop Resources (human, fiscal, and informational) that support and promote our mission.

  • Identify the needs.
  • Continue and expand on our current funding strategy to support Student Competitions.
  • Continue and expand on our current marketing strategy to promote Student Competitions and raise public awareness.
  • Identify and contact organizations that promote Science, Civic Responsibility and Academic Achievement.

3.       Develop and maintain an Organization based on trust, commitment, collaboration, critical thinking and creativity.

  • Update and maintain our contact management system to provide information and updates for all stakeholders.
  • Update and maintain implementation guides for Ventura County Science Fair, Ventura County Mock Trial, Ventura County Academic Decathlon and Ventura County Impact II Program to include tasks and timelines.

4.       Ensure the highest levels of Service and Satisfaction.

  • Publish materials that recognize and update stakeholders.
  • Assess and monitor efforts to insure that we are meeting the needs of our students, educators, volunteers and sponsors.
  • Provide an Annual Report for stakeholders.
Commitment to Quality Education for All
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