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  • Inspiring Stories of Ventura County's 2024 High School Graduates

    They started high school in their bedrooms and at kitchen tables in front of computers, taking classes over Zoom. They’re coming of age at a time when our nation is politically divided, our world is facing war and unrest, and artificial intelligence is rewrit...
  • A Troubled Past Won’t Define the Future for this Motivated Grad

    The high school years can be challenging for anyone, but it was especially tough for Ricardo Vasquez. His dad was in and out of his life, which left a significant void. “It was very hard learning certain things that you need a father figure for,” he says.
  • Her Journey from Failing Student to College-Bound Prom Queen

    It was her freshman year, and Flor Rivas was failing all of her classes at the large urban high school she attended in Las Vegas. The situation at home wasn’t good and she never imagined she’d earn her diploma. Then a lifeline came from her brother Elios, who sug...


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