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Edge Up University is the Expanded Learning Services on-line learning community. It is designed to provide a flexible learning environment specifically for the informal educator who staffs expanded learning programs throughout our region. This 3 Step Process requires three documents (Edge Up Connection, DEAL Reflection Form, Professional Learning Mentor) for each specific investigation that can be found and downloaded from the Course Catalog. When used together, along with the individual staff reflections, they ensure the development of a collaborative Professional Learning Community that investigates a wide range of strategic content that includes classroom management, data analysis, coaching, and youth development.

Independent Investigation

Edge Up Connection – documents the process for informal educators (front-line staff) for viewing digital content from a selected educational website that focuses on professional learning and instructional strategies. Following the viewing of content, participants are asked to complete a personal reflection on what was viewed.


Personal Reflection

DEAL Reflection Form – provides a structure and questions to guide the individual reflection on video presentation - Design, Examine, and Articulate Learning (see additional information below).


Staff Discussion

Professional Learning Mentor – designed for the leader responsible to guide professional learning of the front-line staff (director, teacher liaison, site leader) “Questions to Consider for Staff Discussion” help to guide a staff discussion to discuss local context and implementation strategies that are program specific.

Investigations are listed within specific focus areas, and are not intended to be used in chronological order. The number and frequency of use may be selected by each director or by individual participant to fit local training needs.

If you plan on using this no-cost online professional development, please register by sending your program's name and contact information to Savannah Winterstein at swinterstein@vcoe.org. For questions or more information, please contact Jeff Hamlin at jhamlin@vcoe.org.

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DEAL Reflection Format

DEAL Model for Critical Reflection (Ash & Clayton, 2011) requires participants to examine their thinking and generates, deepens, and documents learning. When used in conjunction with staff discussion with a coach or mentor, it becomes a process to develop a collaborative Professional Learning Community that investigates a wide range of strategic content that includes classroom management, data analysis, coaching, and lesson study. DEAL Reflection is expected to be used with every Edge Up U learning session.

D - Describe
Objectively describe what you read, explored, or watched. Resist the temptation to use terms of quality, just tell what happened.

E - Examine
Examine the strategies discussed or viewed. How did it or could it impact student engagement, classroom management, content integration, and/or student achievement?
Now is your chance to use quality words and explain:

· What impressed you?
· Discuss what is similar or different from your current practice
· Discuss possible steps to implement this practice into your after school program

AL - Articulate Learning

· What did I learn (about myself, students, colleagues, community, program, etc.)?
· Why is this learning important for me as an informal educator?
· What will I do in my future practice in light of this learning?

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