Additional Resources

California After School Resource Center - provides access to a comprehensive set of reviewed materials, resources, trainings, tools, and supportive services for after school programs. Browse through the resources and register online to borrow materials from the library, with free delivery in California.

California After School Network - The Mission of the California Afterschool Network is to influence policy and coordinate local and statewide efforts that support out of school time opportunities for children and youth.

After School Education and Safety Program - Provides funds to schools and districts that collaborate with community partners to provide safe and educationally enriching alternatives for children and youths during nonschool hours.

Afterschool Alliance - A nonprofit organization dedicated to raising awareness of the importance of afterschool programs and advocating for quality, affordable programs for all children.

After School Learning Toolkit - Building Quality Enrichment Activities- Provides resources in six key areas: arts, literacy, math, science, technology, and homework help. Available online, the toolkit includes sample lessons by grade level and tips for practitioners to see activities firsthand.The toolkit's sample activities include learning goals, directions, and potential results.

Federal Resources for Educational Excellence - A website created by a group of more than 30 Federal agencies formed in 1997 to make hundreds of Federally supported teaching and learning resources easier to find.

PBS Teacher Source - Offers over 3,000 standards-based lesson plans.