Kern County STEAM Hub

The Kern County STEAM Hub is open to leaders of all expanded learning programs in Kern County.  There will be four 4-hour collaborative sessions (see the dates below), each held on a Saturday from 8:30 AM - 12:30 PM, location TBD in Bakersfield.  The Kern County STEAM Hub CoP is provided through grant funding, so there is no cost to participants.  However, we ask that participants commit to attend all three sessions of the cohort to nurture partnerships, build a collaborative culture, and share local expertise.   Attendance is limited which requires participants to pre-register – no walk-ins will be admitted without prior approval.  In addition to the CoP cohort sessions, there will be opportunities for site visits and virtual discussion sessions in between scheduled cohort sessions.  Cohort members can also take advantage of on-site coaching and PD sessions for local site staff.


Kern County STEAM Hub: Open to all programs in Kern County

 Dates: Sat. 9/22/18    11/3/18    1/12/19    3/30/19

 Location: TBD, Bakersfield