Audiology Evaluations at VCOE

Upon referral, experienced pediatric audiologists use specialized equipment and child friendly techniques to provide comprehensive hearing evaluations for children from birth through the school years. Defining and monitoring the various characteristics of a hearing loss are essential in assessing the potential impact on the child’s communication and social-emotional development, learning skills, and academic achievement. Families are linked to services and resources at school and in the community.  School teams are provided with strategies and accommodations to maximize the child’s educational opportunities and experience.


Hearing Evaluations

Comprehensive hearing evaluations determine the presence, severity and characteristics of a hearing loss.  Based on the findings, appropriate recommendations and referrals are made. Families are provided school and community resources to meet the needs of the child.

Hearing Aid/Cochlear Implant Evaluations

Evaluations for children using hearing aids or cochlear implants are conducted at VCOE upon referral, to determine the child's auditory function with the use of their personal hearing devices. The hearing aids or cochlear implant processors are analyzed to assure proper function.  Children are evaluated to determine what sounds are audible and how well speech can be heard and understood while using their personal hearing devices. This information is used to guide families back to their community audiologist for any needed adjustments, and to guide school teams in understanding the educational impact of the hearing loss.

Central Auditory Processing Assessments 

Central Auditory Processing (CAP) is broadly defined as the efficiency and effectiveness by which the central nervous system utilizes auditory information. Central Auditory Process Disorder (CAPD) is described as a deficit in the neural processing of auditory stimuli that is not the result of higher order language, cognition, or related factors (ASHA, 2005a). 

Referrals for CAP assessment are made through the student’s IEP team by submitting a District Referral / Authorization for Hearing Service form (download below).  The referring district will then be contacted by the Hearing Conservation to schedule an appointment and asked to submit additional documents, including an Assessment Plan. 

It is the policy of Ventura County Office of Education and Ventura County SELPA that students who are being considered for CAP assessment must already be identified as having a Special Education eligible disability.  

Before generating a referral to VCOE Hearing Conservation/Audiology Services for assessment of CAP, consider the following:

      ·         RtI interventions have been implemented and found not to be successful.

·         Multidisciplinary Assessment has been completed revealing the potential for a CAP disorder.

·         Normal peripheral hearing acuity has been established, as well as normal ear health.

·         Student is a minimum age of 7 years due to neuro-maturation as well as task difficulty.

·         Cognitive ability in the average range.

·         Student's speech can easily be understood by the assessing audiologist.

·         Auditory processing problems are observable in all languages spoken by the student

·         Adequate command of testing language is necessary.

·         CAP assessments are not normed on English Learners. 

Click on the following to access the Ventura County SELPA Central Auditory Processing Handbook.

Accessing Audiology Services at VCOE

Upon referral, audiology evaluations are conducted on a fee-for-service basis in an office setting at the VCOE Conference and Educational Services Center in Camarillo.   Families contact Hearing Conservation directly to schedule appointments, when they have been referred.  Appointments can be scheduled once the Referral Authorization  Form has been  received from the referring school district, agency or practitioner. The Referral Authorization Form establishes that the school district or agency accepts responsibility for payment.  VCOE Hearing Conservation is unable to provide services without prior authorization for payment. Exception: there is a self-pay option for hearing evaluations.  Please call Hearing Conservation, 805-437-1380, for more information.