Microsoft Publisher Tips
Banishing Unwanted Frames 
When selecting a text or table frame and pressing the Delete key, only the character just before the insertion point marker is deleted. But holding down the Ctrl key while pressing Delete, zaps the lot.

Cutting & Pasting alternative
Tired of cutting and pasting objects? Instead of pressing Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V, try this: Select an item ... hold down the Ctrl key, and drag it to where you'd like. Instead of moving the original, you'll drag a new copy instead.

Drawing Shapes
Drawing multiple shapes normally requires selecting the tool each time. However, there's a way to keep the tool selection active. Using the right mouse button to select the tool in Version 2.0 keeps the selected tool active. In Versions 3.0 & 97 holding down the Control key while you select the tool, has the same effect. All versions: when finished with the tool, simply click the Selection or another tool of you're choice.

Font Formatting
Highlight some text that you want to change the font. Press Ctrl-Shift-F. Press the down or up arrows keys to find the desired font, then press Enter to select the highlighted font.

After formatting a block of text, instead of formatting the next block, try using the Format Painter tool instead. To do so, select a block of text that's already been formatted .... Click the Format Painter button .... Select a block of text you want to look like the one that's been formatted. The Format Painter will use the same information for the new block, including font, color, size, style, border, etc.

Format Painter
 To format multiple objects, double-click the Format Painter. It will stay selected after you paint the first selection, enabling you to apply the selected format to other objects. You may also access this feature by right clicking. After selecting the first object with the right mouse button, a pop-up menu where you can select *Pick Up Formatting* will appear. Select the object using the right mouse button, and choose *Apply Formatting*. You can use the Format Painter on all objects including: frames, lines, shapes, and tables.

Inserting a New Page
To insert a new page after the currently displayed page, a simple Ctrl-Shift-N will do the trick.

Copy Formatting to Multiple Objects in One Step
Select the object that contains the formatting to be copied, then click Format Painter. Use the Format Painter pointer to draw a box around the multiple items you need to format. Formatting is applied to selected items.