VCEDNET is the Ventura County Education Network. A federally registered Internet Service Provider, delivering Internet connectivity and hosted services to school districts, charter schools and private schools in Ventura County. 

The VCEDNET team manages and operates a robust, redundant, and resilient hybrid network mesh of fiber and wireless with:

  • Physically diverse datacenters
  • Physically diverse Tier 1 internet pop locations to CENIC, as the node site for Ventura County
  • Multiple redundant FCC licensed mountain top microwave locations with emergency backup power
  • Long term agreements with varied telco and business class fiber providers
  • We are currently in the process of creating VCEdNET 3.0.  Please contact Don Gerkensmeyer for more information.


  • Works closely with districts and customers to provide needed bandwidth, IP scope, secure connectivity, security and other needs.
  • NOC monitors the network 24/7 with SLA for response and repair times. Alerting via voice, text, or email is available for customer points of contact
  • Collaborates with the Ventura County Community College District.
  • Network engineers diagnose and resolve network problems, perform equipment refresh, replacement, and upgrade, decommission retired equipment, handle tasks in support of circuit installations, service upgrades, backbone upgrades, respond to abuse complaints, and coordinate and communicate third party maintenance and repair activities.

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