Leading Edge Flex Certification

Impact Teaching and Learning using Leading Edge Flex

Leading Edge Flex offers educators self-guided professional learning pathways and opportunities to engage anytime and anywhere through our certification program. Experience online professional learning and earn certification backed by a national alliance of nonprofits, universities and educational agencies.

Take ownership of your learning through elective missions that support you and your specific role as an educator.

Through our online, personalized learning platform, participants choose from activities within Leading Edge missions to earn their certification. Each mission has been designed and developed with the educator in mind, effectively balancing technology integration, appropriate tools, and useful resources. Activities are short and incremental, allowing learners to experience bite-sized learning and choice. Participants have a full year to complete their certification online.

Ready to get started? 

For more information and to register, visit the Alludo Leading Edge Flex course website.

Use the code FLEX25 for a 25% discount on registrations.