Student Information System (SIS)

The VCOE Student Information System (SIS) consortium provides an economy of scale model in both a hosted/non-hosted environment for the Q SIS. While the SIS is primarily offered to educational agencies in Ventura County, the consortium in partnership with Aequitas Solutions, also provides Q SIS services to agencies outside our geographic area.

The consortium offers implementation, training, support and professional development opportunities for over 25 local educational agencies.

Developed by Aequitas Solutions, Inc., Q supports over 1 million students nationwide. Q is a full featured, fully integrated SIS system that includes enrollment, attendance, parent and student portals (including online data management, registration and payment(s), child nutrition, state and federal reporting (ADA, CALPADS, CBEDS), comprehensive master scheduling, student behavior components, student health, special education and more. Q is designed to fully support internal district policies, procedures and processes that we know are unique to each and every one of our clients.