Julie Judd, Ed.D., Chief Technology Officer

Julie Judd, Ed.D. joined the Ventura County Office of Education as Chief Technology Officer in 2017. Dr. Judd is a local leader in education technology who previously served as the Chief Technology Officer for the Ventura Unified School District. She brings a wealth of experience building bridges between technology and educators to enhance student learning. 

Dr. Judd has also served as the Director of Information and Educational Technology at the Moorpark Unified School District. She is also a former music teacher and is currently the Artistic Director for the Ventura County Concert Band.

Dr. Judd is the 2017-18 President of CETPA (California Educational Technology Professionals Association), a statewide organization that is dedicated to using technology to promote student success. 

Dr. Judd holds a bachelor’s in music education from Florida State University, a master's in wind conducting from the University of South Florida and an Ed.D. in organizational leadership from Pepperdine University. 

Technology Services Contacts
Name Title Phone Email

Julie Judd, Ed.D. Chief Technology Officer 805-383-1966 jjudd@vcoe.org
Mitch Hsu Director Technology Systems 805-383-1968 mhsu@vcoe.org
Rachel Lopez Administrative Assistant II 805-383-1978 rlopez@vcoe.org

Colleen Steed Applications Manager 805-383-1953 steed@vcoe.org
Trish Averill Applications Specialist 805-383-1961 taverill@vcoe.org
Kathy Gumber Information Technology Analyst 805-383-1958 kgumber@vcoe.org
Tom McNerney Applications Specialist 805-383-1956 tmcnerney@vcoe.org
Ron Raines Information Technology Analyst 805-383-9372 rraines@vcoe.org
David Spring Information Technology Analyst 805-383-1998 dspring@vcoe.org
April Terry Applications Specialist 805-383-1954 aterry@vcoe.org
Ed Tech

Genevieve Reifer Administrative Assistant I 805-383-9360 greifer@vcoe.org
Cathy Reznicek Educational Technology Specialist 805-383-9326 creznicek@vcoe.org
Network Operations Center

Don Gerkensmeyer VCedNet Manager 805-383-9373 dgerkensmeyer@vcoe.org
Adrian Chairez Computer Operator 805-383-1957 achairez@vcoe.org
Bob Wilmoth Computer Operator 805-383-1996 bwilmoth@vcoe.org

Dan Clark Network Administrator 805-383-1967 dclark@vcoe.org
Mike Drewry Systems Administrator 805-383-1927 mdrewry@vcoe.org
Jeff Herring Systems Support Analyst II 805-383-1963 jherring@vcoe.org
Gabe Isnec Systems Administrator 805-383-1960 gisnec@vcoe.org
Roger McLaren Systems Support Analyst II 805-383-9371 rmclaren@vcoe.org
Stephen Shelton Systems Support Analyst II 805-383-1959 sshelton@vcoe.org
Technical Support

Help Desk Help Desk 805-383-1955 helpdesk@vcoe.org
Modesto "Desi" Arellano System Support Tech I 805-383-1955 marellano@vcoe.org
Patti Mirkovich Customer Service Specialist II 805-383-1962 pmirkovich@vcoe.org
Steve Parker System Support Tech II 805-383-1977 sparker@vcoe.org
Jessika Reinhart System Support Tech I 805-383-1955 jreinhart@vcoe.org
Amy Sanderson System Support Tech I 805-383-1955 asanderson@vcoe.org
Mike Sargent System Support Tech II 805-383-1907 msargent@vcoe.org