Data Infrastructure Services

Mission Statement

  • To provide the data center services fundamental to supporting VCOE Technology Services environment. To utilize server hardware, database and operating systems that are cost effective and maintain high operational efficiency.
  • To support this architecture with well defined tools, procedures, policies, standards and documentation. The primary function is to ensure that the computing infrastructure remains highly available, reliable and serviceable.

Goals and Objectives

  • To ensure the data center infrastructure has all necessary system administration tools, standards, documentation and management practices in place to support the new class of automated business solutions being implemented.
  • To continue to centralize network and server operations to ensure reliability, availability and serviceability.
  • To ensure tools and practices are in place to support and manage the following areas:
    • Change and Problem Management
    • Application Production Performance Metrics
    • Security
    • Disaster Recovery
    • Event Monitoring
    • Storage Management